5 Rookie Mistakes in Poker that you Need to Avoid

5 Rookie Mistakes

Playing poker requires way more skills than you can imagine as an amateur. Mere knowledge of rules will not help you to win games if you are sitting with professionals. Each and every action that you can disclose a lot about your chances of winning and the skill to control is can be hard to master. Here are the 5 rookie mistakes that you need to avoid before you step in between the big shots of the online gamble malaysia game.

Calling on weak hands

If you are a rookie the first thing that you need to avoid is thinking you can play bluffs. Calling on weak hands, hoping that other players will back out is the worst strategy to follow in the beginning. Always play on the safer side until you form confidence on the table and can afford to take a small risk.

Miss out on value bets

One of the most common mistakes that you can do while playing poker is to miss out bets on winning hands. Rookies make the mistake of raining only a little when they see that they are winning and the opponents just check the cards out. If you feel you have a better hand on the river, take the risk and place big bets as you can miss out big wins while playing safe.


While you may take time to get totally comfortable on the games, you must know what tilt is. If the players around you are professional gambles, they will psyche you out to a level where you cannot make good decisions for yourself anymore. Do not let anyone get in your head and keep it calm and clean. Tilting will give away a lot of information, and even the professional players leave the game when they tilt. If you lose control over yourself, the best thing to do is leave the table and take a break.

Showing the cards

You must already know this, but if you don’t, never reveal your cards on folds and losses. Letting players know your cards will make them know why you folded, and they will read back on your actions to predict your game style in future. While sometimes, the pros show their cards to plan a future bluff trap, you first need to learn to avoid showing your cards aways.


Another bad habit that rookies have is to call huge hands when they are sure to win. This is the worst spoiler in the game, and you can even get booed off the table for it. Do not be too aggressive at your winning hands and learn to make strategies to raise your bets. Implement different tactics and stop making bets which will make people fold. Give them a chance to consider calling the bets and fall for your trap.

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